Runs with the Stars / Wiijibibamatoon-Anangoonan

Runs with the Stars (English)
Wiijibibamatoon-Anangoonan (Ojibwe and English)

“Elders say the horses were always here. They were small, but strong.”
“Like me?”
“Like you.”

As they await the birth of a new foal, a man teaches his grandchild about the Ojibwe Horses that used to roam the forests of northwestern Ontario. The horses once ran wild and free, but when Grandfather was a boy, they almost disappeared. Now he is the caretaker of his own small herd, keeping the breed alive for future generations and teaching his grandchild about the loving bond between human and animals.

Coauthored with Darcy Whitecrow
Illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko
Translated by Kelvin Morrison

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