School and library visits

I love to visit schools and libraries! I enjoy reading stories in circle with the kindies and giving book talks to elementary school students. I’m equally comfortable at high schools, talking to teens about writing news stories, careers in writing and creative writing. I do live and virtual visits.

A few topics:

  • writer’s craft
  • book talks
  • inclusion and accessibility
  • the Ojibwe Horse
  • fantasy, historical fiction and children’s writing\
  • careers in writing
  • writing for magazines and newspapers

Sample Fast Friends presentations:

But what’s my BODY saying?
• 45-60 minutes
• Grades 1-3
• Suitable for small to large groups
Authors and illustrators share in the telling of a story. Authors add the words, but illustrators add the facial expressions and body language that give the words context.
The same is true in real life. This Fast Friends book talk helps students identify nonverbal cues in the illustrations and with their friends, using fun interactive activities like “Human Emoji.” Includes follow-up resources for the classroom.

Smile and say hello
• 45-60 minutes
• K-Grade 3
• Suitable for small to large groups
This book talk builds on the social skills and character education values shown in Fast Friends. We look at how it feels to be left out and the importance of welcoming and including everyone, from newcomers to kids with disabilities. Includes follow-up role-playing activities for the classroom.

Nice wheels!
• 45-60 minutes
• Grades 1-3
• Suitable for small to large groups
This Fast Friends book talk helps identify and shift attitudes toward disability. Tyson likes Suze for the things they both like – reading books, going fast and the colour red. Students consider how they might include or make friends with someone who is nonverbal or uses a wheelchair. Includes follow-up activities and resources for the classroom.

Speedy-quick kindies
• 15-20 minutes
• Kindergarten and preschoolers
• Classrooms
These short Fast Friends book talks are designed for kindies. We share a story, talk about friendship and identify the jobs of an author and an illustrator.

Teacher resources

Runs with the Stars

Fast Friends

Betting Game

School visit toolkit

I am eligible for Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools program. Applying for this funding can save your school money: