What’s inside the teachers’ guide?

hands in for a cheer

Kudos to the educators who wrote the free teachers’ guide for Betting Game. It’s excellent.

They captured and broadened the key themes and topics, presenting them in prereading ideas, connections to the text and curriculum, and some great discussion questions.

The teachers’ guide also provides links to valuable resources, and an author’s note from yours truly.

Author’s note

Writing the author’s note was one of the last jobs I did before Betting Game was published. It made me think really hard about the book’s themes and characters.

What was the most important part of the story? The takeaway? The message?

We are team!

It all comes down to team, really. Not just the 10 other players that line up on the turf with you. Not even the seven on the bench waiting to sub in, or your coach.

It’s your personal team. Your family and friends. Teachers, classmates, coworkers. The people you can count on when the going gets tough.


soccer or football players are celebrating goal on stadiumYour team shouts “Man on” and races in for the pass-back when the pressure’s on. They tell you to carry the ball and push up. To cross and pass. To cover your man. To take a shot at the goal.

And they celebrate when you score.

With you

There’s no such thing as a one-man team. Not in life. Not in soccer.

And that’s why my favourite line in Betting Game is “You don’t treat team like that.”