Treasure Hunt – Week 7

Little red-haired girl

Where’s the clue?

Welcome to the seventh and final week of my Orca Book treasure hunt.

Lisa Bowes is this week’s author. She and illustrator James Hearne have introduced an exciting new series of children’s pictures books starring this spunky little redhead.

No hints this time. Clue 7 will jump right out at you. It’s in the third book of the series, which comes out in May.

Treasure? What treasure?

If you’ve collected all 7 clues, you could win $50 in Orca Books. Keep reading to find out how to enter!

Late getting started? Catch up on the clues you’ve missed.

How to play

  1. Read the 7 Treasure Hunt posts in my blog, posted biweekly between December 1 and February 23. Follow the links to find the clues.
  2. You’re looking for a word hidden in the title of a newly published or upcoming Orca book. The word relates in some way to my Orca Sports novel Betting Game, so look for words about teamwork, soccer or gambling.
  3. Once you’ve found all 7 words, send them to me by March 14 via my Contact page. Remember to include your name and a valid email address. (Sorry—you have to live in Canada or the United States to win.)
  4. I’ll post the winner’s name by March 22.

Thanks for playing the game. Good luck!

Celebrate with me

This treasure hunt is part of the online book launch party for Betting Game. The party runs from December 1-March 31. But you can’t have a party without guests. So please drop by, toss up a handful of virtual confetti and sign my guest book.

A great big thank you to the good folks at Orca Book Publishers for supplying the book loot and virtual confetti. You’re the best