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Media release: Whitby author earns grant, travels north

Quetico residency: August 28 to September 10

Pony weekend events at Dawson Trail Campgrounds

Sensory hike with artist-in-residence Heather M. O’Connor

Friday, September 1, 7 pm, Teaching Place


History of the Lac La Croix Pony with Kim Campbell, Grey Raven Ranch

Saturday, September 2, 7 pm, Teaching Place


Open Pony Visits

All day Saturday and Sunday, day use area



“I discovered the story of this Indigenous-bred pony last fall, when Ontario Parks asked me to write a blog post about the annual Ponies in the Park event at Quetico Provincial Park. Wild ponies that once ran in the forest like deer? I was hooked.”

“I learned about the ponies, about their past, about their role in the Indigenous Heritage program at Grey Raven Ranch. And the more I learned, the more I knew I had to see them for myself.”Where is Quetico Provincial Park? Outside Atikokan, 2 hours west of Thunder Bay

Background on the Lac La Croix Pony

The Ontario Parks blog post that started it all

My Canadian Encyclopedia entry on the Lac La Croix Pony

Video content (also available in 4K)

Photos of Heather
Heather’s books
Photos of the Lac La Croix Pony (photo credit: Ontario Parks)