Fast Friends

Tyson is speedy-quick. His teacher keeps telling him, “Too fast, Tyson!”
When a new kid joins the class, Tyson is the first to make friends.
Why? Suze loves race cars, reading and speed — just like him.

Fast Friends is a heartwarming picture book about friendship and inclusion. Every child has a voice – if we take the time to listen.

Claudia Dávila created the bright, joyful illustrations.

Want to meet Tyson and Suze? Watch this short video.

Where can I get a copy of Fast Friends?

Fast Friends is published by Scholastic Canada. You can order it online, from your favourite independent bookstore, or through Scholastic book clubs and book fairs.

Chapters Indigo

Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge

ISBN  978-1-4431-7040-6

Fast Friends is also published in French.

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Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge

ISBN 978-1-4431-7041-3