Urban Green Man

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In 2013, my short story “Buried in the Green” won a place in the Urban Green Man anthology.

It’s cautionary tale about a showdown between a mythological eco-champion and the forces of development and urban sprawl.

“Buried in the Green” joins 30 other stories and poems in this themed fantasy anthology about the legendary Green Man. It was edited by Adria Laycraft and Janice Blaine, and published by Edge.

Charles de Lint, one of Canada’s best fantasy authors, wrote the introduction. You can read his intro here, and explore the table of contents and some of Janice’s beautiful art, which accompanied every title page. I was thrilled to receive a reproduction of the piece that graced my own story.

The Urban Green Man anthology received wonderful reviews and 4 Aurora Award nominations.


“‘Buried in the Green’ by Heather M. O’Connor reminded me of the Joan Aiken stories I grew up reading: a little macabre, a bit wistful, wryly humorous.” Nameless Zine

“The stories in this collection explore the lighter and darker shades of green, bringing the reader both into the dark places of the forest where fear and danger evoke speculation and to the treetops where flights of fancy free him or her from their bounds.” Speculating Canada

“Pagan readers and urban fantasy fans, especially young adults, will enjoy this look at timeless themes of balance and wildness.” Publishers Weekly